Ludmila Schwartzwalder
"[…] Ludmila Schwartzwalders betörender Mezzo die Altpartien seelenvoll ausgestaltet" [in Bachs Matthäus-Passion]
Thüringische Landeszeitung
J. Kreyßig
"And the very young Ludmila Schwartzwalder plays a dapper Oberto in drag who makes his way through this world of intrigue and pretense."
"Ludmila Schwartzwalder's refined mezzo is perfectly suited to the shy Oberto, in search of his father, the victim of a spell".
"The young mezzo-soprano Ludmila Schwartzwalder delivers the short role of Oberto without batting an eyelid, and there's nothing missing."
B. Bolognesi

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